Dr. Katz is “spot on”

Posted 02/27/2014 | By HealthCorps

Obesity is a tough subject to discuss.  The word itself inherently suggests a host of negative impressions about the individual.  Doctors need to treat patients who are obese with empathy.  They also need to find a way to offer truths and facts, which often leads to a patient’s hurt feelings, poor self-esteem, or a refusal to ever come back to the doctor’s office.  It shouldn’t.   The doctor is trying to provide information and to spur change that is crucial to better health, a better quality of life, a longer life.  This is especially true when it comes to kids and teens, and obesity.

Dr. David Katz, who sits on the board of HealthCorps, recently posted a blog on the Huffington Post’s website that clearly establishes the ongoing complexities of obesity and treatment programs.  Do we turn to bariatric surgery too easily, despite its less than stellar track record for sustained weight loss?  Do we turn to pills and other medical treatments instead of getting kids to move more and eat less?

Read his blog for an in-depth look at the state of obesity today.

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