Don’t Abandon Your Dieting Strategies When You Hit Goal

Posted 03/19/2012 | By HealthCorps

Those same habits that helped to get you to goal weight need to be mostly kept in place to ensure that weight creep doesn’t occur. The mistake most dieters make is thinking they are “cured” and can loosen up all the restrictions that helped them to get to a healthier weight. When you finally reach your goal, consider yourself in remission. That means you still have the disease called “excess weight” and you therefore need to continue eating with portion control and calorie counting and include regular exercise.

You may find that you can drop a day of exercise or allow yourself treats a bit more frequently. Don’t be surprised if after awhile you notice some weight gain. We naturally slip up a bit once we relax restrictions. So use your pants or the scale and set a maximal weight gain limit of 3-5 pounds. When you notice the weight gain, immediately reintroduce your more strict dieting techniques and get control. An extra 5 pounds can quickly turn into an extra 15!

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