Does the color of my plate affect my portion size?

Posted 02/14/2012 | By HealthCorps

Past studies on food and color suggest that color can indeed affect your portion size or the amount of food you decide to consume. Things like a well lit or dim dining room or kitchen, and the color of the walls in these areas have been studies in terms of impact on food consumed. Now some new observations seem to indicate that:

  1. If your food is a similar color as your plate – plain spaghetti served on a beige or white color plate- you will serve yourself and consume a bigger portion, when compared to a tomato sauce and penne serving served on a white plate.
  2. If you put a white plate on a white tablecloth you will tend to serve yourself a smaller portion that on a white plate on dark colored tablecloth.

So my personal conclusion is to eat a dark-colored food on a light colored plate, which is sitting on a light colored tablecloth!

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