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Posted 11/02/2015 | By HealthCorps

“Congress says pizza is a vegetable,” is the tagline for ‘Fed Up,’ the nutrition documentary HealthCorps Coordinator Sinead Torres recently screened for Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School students, which incited students to challenge their eating habits and question their environments that may promote convenient, processed foods.

As part of the New York school’s Explore Week program, a special week in which students take a break from the regular academic curriculum to study a specific, non-core class topic in depth, Torres teamed up with a Kurt Hahn teacher to lead classes focused on sex education and nutrition.

Torres found the documentary, which examines the root causes of obesity in the United States by detailing the large amounts of sugar in processed foods that often go overlooked, so powerful, that she felt compelled to share it. The student response was positive. A planned 30-minute discussion that followed the screening turned into an hour, as students dove deeper to discuss the fast-food restaurants that surrounded the school, the processed food served during lunch, and the availability (or lack thereof) of healthy food options.

The socio-economic/food access challenges that Kurt Hahn students face aren’t unique, which is where HealthCorps Coordinators and programming aim to make an impact. By empowering students to take their nutrition, fitness and mental resilience health into their own hands, young adults are graduating high school with knowledge and skills to prioritize their health.

“Many of my students would walk into class with the same breakfast from the corner market – a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich – but after watching the film, it made them second-guess what they were eating, and how often they were eating it,” Torres said.

Toward the end of the discussion, the consensus among students was that the documentary hit a nerve and inspired them to change their food choices. From eating less sugar, to paying attention to nutrition labels and reading ingredient lists, bringing lunch to school or even something as small as eating one less bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from the corner store, students left knowing they could improve their health and spread the word.

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Posted November 21, 2015 | by Paulo Tan

Kids of today’s generation are more than likely to be left out in making good wise decision when it comes to choosing nutritious and healthy foods. And it starts at home when parents are at the outset, pass on the same bad food choices they serve their kids at the dinner table and passing on likewise an unhealthy lifestyle of living . Or worse, with corporate America marketing their fast food products to the lowest ranks of the society and with their stores omnipresent in their community, a captive target market taken. The consumers socio-economic status is held hostage which e makes them even poorer by lack of nutritional information, education and access to affordable healthy food choices in their community
Kudos to Healrhcorpsbfor initiating a program that will empower kids and give them control towards healthy living…..by eating right and taking care of one self to wellness with less impact and strain on their finances. Thanks Ms. Torres for
giving those kids the guiding light (through Healthcorp) towards a healthy living and likewise lead them away from
then perils of obesity and compromising health problems in the long run.


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