Do you know your blood type?

Posted 10/24/2012 | By HealthCorps

Do you know your blood type?  You may think the information is only important if you need an emergency blood transfusion, but a new study suggests blood type may have heart health implications too.

According to the study which included data on 89,000 men and women, people with type AB blood are 23% more likely to develop heart disease when compared to those with type O blood.  People with type B blood had an 11% risk, and people with type A had a 5% increased risk of heart disease.  The reasons are not totally clear but the theory is that a person with type A blood is somehow at risk for higher levels of LDL, while type B blood is linked to higher total cholesterol and hypertension risk.  Type O, which appears to be the safer blood type, may be associated with normal blood clotting.   Type AB blood appears to be associated with arterial inflammation.

The take-away message is clear: Knowing your blood type should inspire you to improve your lifestyle habits.  If you have type O blood, healthy habits will continue to support a healthy cardiac profile.  If you have type A, B or AB, then the lifestyle choices you make, have the potential to raise or lower the disease risks associated with your blood type.

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