Do I Need It?

Posted 06/21/2012 | By HealthCorps

Sports drinks, fitness waters, vitamin-infused waters and flavored waters are the rage. But do you really benefit from using these beverages and are you tracking their calories?

Sports drinks – are supposed to replenish electrolytes including sodium and potassium. They also typically contain sugar to replenish energy stores used during exercise. Do you really need one during or after exercise? Only if you engage in sustained intense exercise for more than an hour in which case 50- 70 calories should be enough to replenish your glycogen stores. Otherwise the excess calories will simply add to your day’s calorie total and possibly add unnecessary calories.

Fitness waters – they are “diet” sports drinks, meaning lower in calories. Some have electrolytes but most don’t have enough calories from sugar to fuel muscles during or after a vigorous workout. They can be refreshing after a moderate or shorter workout. If you are going to choose one, go for zero calories and just look for about 80 to 100 mgs of sodium to replace whatever was lost in sweat. In most cases plain water will suffice.

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