District-Wide HealthCorps Training Declared a Success

Posted 06/02/2015 | By HealthCorps

On Tuesday, June 2 the Houston Independent School District (HISD) opened its doors to HealthCorps. Gino Collura, Regional Manager of HealthCorps University, led a group of PE and Health teachers from HISD through a class on the fundamentals of the HealthCorps curriculum: nutrition, fitness and mental resilience. The day-long class was filled with interactive experiences for the HISD teachers.

Highlights of the training:

  • Samir Becic, the fitness trainer of Health Fitness Revolution came in with Houston’s former NBA Championship coach Rudy Tomjanovich. Samir presented HISD educated with exercises that are good for the classroom. One included: get on your toes, do a squat and hold.
  • Field partner Sonima sent over their Houston instructor, Gill McClean, to teach 10-minute chair yoga exercises for educators to bring to their students.

Educators attending the training echoed HCU’s strategic focus on high schools: “You’ll always remember the importance of doing a sit-up and students will be able to share that with your kids years down the road,” noted Tenille Pakoejoe, Physical Education teacher at Charles H. Milby High School after the HCU training.

Felica Ceasar-White, Manager of HISD’s Health and Physical Education, said her favorite activity was the teach-backs where educators got in small groups to make lesson plans, which they then presented to the entire class. “It lets me know that the teachers are developing skills to take back to the classroom,” she said. “Our next step is being able to bring in more training, more teachers.”

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