Diet High in Fatty Foods May Set You Up for Malnutrition

Posted 12/26/2012 | By HealthCorps

Despite eating an adequate number of calories daily, individuals who subsist on mostly processed high fat foods, may be setting themselves up for malnutrition later on in life.  This new study was presented at the ESPEN Congress on Nutrition and Metabolism and looked at the association between previous eating habits and current nutritional health in older individuals.  For every percentage of calorie intake that came from dietary saturated fat, the individual had a 7% higher risk of dietary malnutrition ten years later.

The researchers also looked at other habits and health parameters in this ten year study, and adjusted for things like higher BMI and smoking, before reaching the 7% risk conclusion.  Percent of energy gained from carbohydrate and protein consumption, and from alcohol use did not correlate with risk of malnutrition later on.  The researchers concluded that the saturated fat was the specific culprit connected to malnutrition later on.

If you did indulge yesterday at the Christmas meal, then consider implementing some healthier habits before January 1st.  Experts say you can undo much of the damage that a high fat diet causes by simply shifting your diet to healthier choices, and by beginning an exercise program.   Now is a great time to start!!

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