Did You Know? 4 Tips For Healthy Living!

Posted 07/31/2013 | By HealthCorps

Pea protein is the latest ingredient to boost the protein power in nutrition bars, cereals, drinks and baked goods.  Pea protein is sourced from yellow peas that are processed to remove their carbohydrate component.

That the average apple you buy in a supermarket (not a Farmer’s Market) can be several months to even one year old.  Shocking!!  Nutrients disappear over time which is why you want to buy “in season fruits” which are usually fresher, or purchase your produce from local outdoor markets that bring in fresh produce from farms and other local sources.

Dark chocolate does have health benefits, but it also contains sugar and a good dose of fat.  Manufacturers are now using technology to create “fruit-infused chocolate,” which decreases the fat content by as much as 50%, while still maintaining taste and creamy texture.   Remember that the higher the percentage of cacao on the label, the healthier the chocolate.

There is a new movement in parts of Mexico to get the “shaker” as in salt shaker off the tables in restaurants, in an effort to reduce salt intake among diners.

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