Did you know? 3 Tips For Healthy Living

Posted 07/17/2013 | By HealthCorps

Mixed drinks can actually make you hungrier.  It’s well known that drinking alcohol can make you hungry because it blurs your perception of feeling satiated, even after eating a full meal, and the alcohol separately seems to inspire hunger pangs.  Mixed drinks have ingredients that may spike your blood sugar which means you will then experience a rapid blood sugar plummet and ……hunger.

Breakfast can make your child smarter.  A study out of the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, showed that six year old participants who did not eat breakfast, scored 6.6 points lower on verbal and performance IQ tests, compared to the kids who ate breakfast every day.  And it wasn’t just the food that fueled the better scores, but also the social interaction that occurs during the breakfast experience.

Texting can injure your neck.  The constant leaning forward, head down, looking at your devices can put excessive strain on your neck, causing a condition now called “text neck.”  Try to hold you cell phone or other devices up part of the time, when texting.

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