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Posted 08/26/2015 | By HealthCorps

Some barbecue grill cleaners create noxious fumes or contain hazardous ingredients. If you use your grill a lot, chances are that you want an effective way to clean off the char and other burnt remnants. All you actually need is a large onion and a long fork. While the grill is hot, take half the onion on the fork spear (flat side exposed) and rub along surface of the grill to scrub off the grime.

Night owls have more health problems. People who routinely stay up late are at higher risk of developing diabetes, metabolic syndrome and sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass), even if they get the same total hours of sleep as early risers. The theory, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, is that night owls may experience poor sleep quality, and eat at inappropriate times (because they are still awake).

Smoking may cause brain damage. Researchers have noted that current and former smokers have a thinner cerebral cortex, crucial in memory, language and perception skills, compared to non-smokers. Stop smoking and there is only partial restoration, so the key is to avoid smoking.

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