Del Norte Triplicate Highlights HealthCorps Food Fight at Del Norte High School

Posted 06/18/2015 | By HealthCorps

The local publication, Del Norte Triplicate recently highlighted a final Teen Battle Chef competition at Del Norte High School in California. The following is an excerpt from the coverage.

Food fight at high school By Jessica Cejnar, The Triplicate

Students in after school program develop cooking skills with competition 

Bacon sizzled in one pan; leeks browned in another as a group of Del Norte High School students competed in the last and final Teen Battle Chef challenge of the semester on Wednesday.

Two groups of five fried up omelets using local organic ingredients and served them to local food policy advocates for their scrutiny. Previous Teen Battle Chef Challenges involved recipes that HealthCorps Coordinator Rachel Marler supplied, but this time she encouraged her students to get creative.

“Miss Marler provides the ingredients and usually gives us the recipe,” said student Perla Marquez. “Since this is our final battle, she told us to cook from our soul.”

Marquez and teammates Ashley Dixon, RJ Salvaressa, Dia Lor and Giselle Lopez formed the Food Fighters. Rylee Weaver, Ricky Khilanai, Dylan Starkey, Callista Jacobs and Mickenzi Goss were the Sizzle Sisters.

Each team presented their creations to Community Food Council members Angela Glore, Connor Caldwell, Rose Brown and Deborah Kravitz, who is also the Del Norte County Unified School District’s Nutrition Services director.

“It’s been really fun,” Weaver said.  Read more

-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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