December 2017: Letter from The President

Posted 12/20/2017 | By HealthCorps

Dear Friend,

Your support of HealthCorps over the past decade has enabled us to grow and evolve to meet the physical health and mental resilience needs of students and their families.  We are also very proud of our efforts to share our unique curriculum with educators and youth leaders, thus expanding HealthCorps’ impact across the nation.

At HealthCorps we believe in collaboration, and in 2017 we engaged in new partnerships and continued building upon existing programs.  Our most impactful new partnership is taking place in rural Kentucky, where HealthCorps has united with Berea College in a Promise Neighborhood grant, jointly supported by the Anthem Foundation, to bring our unique programming to students in one of our nation’s most challenging areas.  And through our work with the California Walnut Board, we are expanding our reach in California, through a new model of teacher training and school programming.

The holidays are often one of the hardest times of the year for our students, most of whom live in challenging physical and emotional environments.  And that is why I am asking you to renew your support at this critical time.  We will reach almost a million teenagers in some of the most underserved communities across America through our high school mentoring and educator training programs this year.  I am providing you with a link to our online 2017 annual report, www.healthcorps.org/2017report, so you can see how the organization is evolving.  We need to reach another million young people and you can help us do that.

There is no time to lose to ensure the physical and mental strength of our next generation.  Thank you for your continued generosity to our students and for being a part of our family.


HealthCorps Inc, C.E.O. Michelle Bouchard


Michelle Bouchard

President, HealthCorps Inc.


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