Dean Ornish, Vegetarian Diet

Posted 02/27/2012 | By HealthCorps

Dr. Ornish published Eat More, Weigh Less, with the goal of helping people to get heart healthy. He is known as the doctor who reverses heart blockage, which was once thought impossible without drugs and/or surgery. But the diet is regimented and austere and may be hard for some to follow long term. Basically the diet instructs you to follow a high-fiber, low fat vegetarian diet. Clearly in addition to helping you achieve a healthy heart profile, most people will lose significant amounts of weight on this diet.

Vegetarians typically consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, plant-based fats and some vegetarians may include fish, eggs and dairy products. Though being a vegetarian is typically identified as a “healthy habit,” you can easily consume a diet that contains no animal products or by products and consume a lot of unhealthy food. A diet full of white grains, processed grains, vegetable oils, full fat cheese and dairy is not a healthy diet per say, despite the lack of meat products. So if you choose to be a vegetarian, it’s important to make healthy food choices and it’s also vital that you track protein and certain vitamins and minerals, especially if you choose not to eat dairy, fish and eggs, as well as meat and poultry.

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