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As we face this global health event, coronavirus (COVID-19), our teens need support more than ever. Many parents and teens alike are looking for guidance on how to stay healthy during this time.

We at HealthCorps have created kid and teen friendly resources for parents and families regarding how they can protect themselves against coronavirus, how to keep health-related anxiety at bay, and tips and tricks for leading a healthy life while at home.  Please see the below resources for guidance about good health practices during this time.

We remain committed to promoting health and wellness for teens across the country and will continue to share resources here.

Support us in caring for those affected by the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 by

Resources for Students

Foldable Letter Template

Send a card to someone in your community! 5 printable designs to choose from.

Your Spark to Serve Student Activity

Find your spark to serve your community using your talents and passions!

Ramen Tip sheet

Use our Ramen 2.0 checklist to make your next ramen dish a healthier masterpiece.

Sensible Snacking Tip sheet

Tips to better snacking with a build your own sweet or savory toast checklist.

My Emotions Iceberg Student Worksheet

Take a few moments to pause and reflect on your emotions with this iceberg activity: what is seen on the surface, and what may be hiding underneath?

Positive Affirmations Worksheet

Self-love includes practicing positive self-talk. Update your space with positive affirmations so you're reminded about what makes you awesome, daily!

Big Deal About Breakfast

Learn why you shouldn't skip breakfast and how to make oat pancakes with us!

A-to-Z Challenge

Our A-to-Z Workout Challenge features a word or phrase of the day. Spell it out using the alphabet exercise key to complete your circuit.

Conversation Starters

Social distancing doesn't have to be isolating; continue to check-in with those around you- physically or virtually. This printable can spark new conversations and leave you feeling more connected.

Thoughts Tracker

Print this "thoughts tracker" and challenge yourself to a mindset-shift that can be helpful to combat any catastrophic, or extra worrisome, thinking patterns.

Recipe: Veggie Loaded Nachos

No grocery trip needed for a dish full of veggies and protein!

Plank & Push Up Challenge Guide

How to do and modify two important exercises for building overall strength without any equipment. A printable accountability tracking card is provided to support your journey and help you increase your strength, day by day!

Coronavirus Myth Busters

Protect yourself with knowledge and stop the spread of misinformation!

#StayHome Bingo

It may not seem like it, but you are saving lives by staying at home. Here's a BINGO challenge to help you take care of yourself! Can you get BINGO this week?

Social Distancing 101

Understanding social distancing and take the pledge to protect others.


Keeping Calm & Thinking Clearly in Crisis

Ann Friedman PhD of Mindful Being Houston pens an open letter to bring us mindfulness in a time of crisis.

Healthy Habits You Need to Know

Learn how a healthy lifestyle can boosting immunity & get hygiene tips.

Jam While You Wash Your Hands

20 seconds is all it takes to wash your hands properly — here are some songs to sing to while you do it!

Disinfect These Now!

Have you recently shared these items? It doesn't look like it, but these everyday items can share tons of germs. Make sure to keep them clean!

Join the Flower Hunt!

Celebrate Spring and keep social distancing by printing these flowers and posting them on your windows to spread a little happiness to your neighbors. (Includes coloring pages!)

Awaken and Balance Your Energy

Meditation tools created with Sahaja Meditation to start your day off with peace.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating helps you understand your body's needs and make conscious decisions about what goes in it.

Health Tips & Positivity Posters

14 posters of health tips and daily affirmations to hang around the house to spread some positivity!

Get Your ZZZ's

Boost your mood and energy for the day by ensuring you get a good night's sleep! Check out what to do to improve your sleep.

Bust My Stress

Feeling anxious? Follow these tips to reduce your stress!

Weekly Meal Plan

Now's the perfect time to explore meal prepping! Use this calendar to schedule out your week and create a shopping list to minimize your time outside.

Why Muscles Matters

No gym? No problem! Check out these easy ways to get strong without the weights.

Self Care Bingo

Share with some friends and challenge each other to some self-care for the week! (Even more points if you fill out the whole card!)


HealthCorps Lesson: The Four Factors of Fitness

Let's Talk About Sleep with Dr. Oz

3 Variations of Planks (Beginner, Intermediate, Difficult)

HealthCorps Mind and Body Yoga Stretches

Healthy Loaded Nachos | HealthCorps Recipe

Push-Ups | 3 Variations for Beginner, Intermediate, Difficult

HealthCorps Workout with Joel Harper

HealthCorps Mini Lesson | Find My Strength

A to Z Workout Challenge

Resources for Families and Parents

Keep Your Family Safe

What you need to know about the coronavirus to keep you and your family safe.

Mealtime Conversation Starter - Elementary School Students

Prompts for engaging your kids in fun conversations that gets them thinking and brings the family together.

Mealtime Conversation Starter - Middle School Students

Prompts for engaging your kids in fun conversations that gets them thinking and brings the family together.

Resources for Teachers and Administrators

Since 2003, the HealthCorps’ curriculum has been developed with experts and refined through use in schools across the country.  The lessons focus on physical fitness, nutrition and mental resilience. Each lesson has elements for the teen, the parent and the educator. The full curriculum can be found here.

Think Before I Drink

Provides an eye-opening comparison of popular drinks that teens and parents have likely stocked up on. These are ok in moderation and once you go through this lesson, you'll think before YOU drink.

How Can I Stay F.I.T.

Not only provides the science behind exercise, but tips on how you can get active ANY WHERE -- even with a couple of cans of beans!

Bust My Stress

Adults and teens will learn how to cope with stress in this lesson. Not only does it outline the causes of stress, but this lesson provide solutions to stress that we can all utilize today and after the pandemic ends.

Material Didáctico en Español

Lo que debe saber sobre coronavirus (COVID-19)

¿Cuáles son los síntomas de COVID-19?

No dejes que el coronavirus se vuelva viral!

La mejor manera de prevenir la propagación de gérmenes es una higiene adecuada, cubre la tos cuando tosas y desinfección de objetos y superficies que se tocan con frecuencia.

Lávate Bien Las Manos

Lávese las manos durante 20 segundos para evitar la propagación de gérmenes.

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