Coordinator of the Month: Margaret Huey

Posted 05/08/2015 | By HealthCorps

Name: Margaret Huey

Age: 23

Hometown: Orange, CT

College Attended / Major: Brandeis University / Psychology and Health, Science, Society and Policy

HealthCorps School Placement: EBC High School for Public Service in Brooklyn, NY

Fun Fact: HealthCorps inspired me to become a certified yoga instructor!

Jeffrey Hartinger: How did you become involved with HealthCorps?

Margaret Huey: While I was getting my degree at Brandeis, I became very interested in public health and how I could help to improve the wellness of others. In particular, I became interested in primary health care and how to help individuals avoid some of the most preventable and costly illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. At a career fair during my senior year, I met a Brandeis Alum and HealthCorps Coordinator who told me all about the program. It sounded like a great way to start working on the ground and to learn more about the public health issues that our country’s high school students face.

JH: What has been the highlight of your placement so far?

MH: Honestly, everything! As a recent college grad originally from the suburbs, it took me a few months to get adjusted to life in Brooklyn. However, I could not help but fall in love with the close-knit community at EBC. The staff has always been extremely supportive and eager to get involved with the different programs I have led. The students are incredibly sweet and willing to lend a helping hand in various HealthCorps projects. Every morning when I walk into my school, I am excited to see what the day will bring.

JH: Outside of the classroom, what are some of the activities that you are involved with?

MH: One of my favorite aspects of my job is running the after school cooking club. There are about ten students each week and we continuously explore recipes from other countries. The students are excited to learn and we always sit down together to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal! Currently, we are gearing up for New York City’s Highway to Health to have a cook-off against two others schools.

Further, I would not be anywhere without my School Wellness Council. This group of staff and students have become true health advocates at EBC. This year, we applied for a grant from NYC DOE’s School Wellness Works. We are installing a Brita Hydration system in the school so that we can provide fresh, cold drinking water to the students. We will also be distributing reusable water bottles to create sustainable, healthy habits.

JH: What do you plan to pursue after your service to HealthCorps is complete?

MH: In a couple of years, I do plan to return to school to get my Masters in Public Health so that I can continue to make an impact on improving best health practices, particularly in the work place. Immediately after, I will continue to work in New York to broaden my experiences.

JH: What is one thing you have learned from your placement that you will be able to carry with you as you move forward in life?

MH: Although working as a coordinator can be challenging, I would not have changed my experience for the world. I will always take with me the stories from my students. They have already overcome tremendous obstacles in their lives and they inspire me every day. All of them have unbelievable strength, and I hope that I can support them even after I finish with HealthCorps. As I move forward in my career, I hope to set up avenues to continue to help them lead healthier lives.

We want to thank Margaret Huey for her exceptional work and congratulate her for being this month’s coordinator of the month.

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