Coordinator of the Month: Lindsey Maurice-Walker

Posted 09/12/2016 | By HealthCorps

Name: Lindsey Maurice-Walker

Age: 24

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

College Attended / Major: Xavier University of Louisiana / Biochemistry

HealthCorps School Placement/State/City: Ardmore High School / Ardmore, OK

Layla Ronan: How did you become involved with HealthCorps?

Lindsey Maurice-Walker: Shortly after graduating college, I took some time off to spend with my family in Houston and stumbled upon a job fair that was being held at the downtown convention center. There I met Gino Collura, HealthCorps’ Marketing and Promotion Ambassador, who introduced me to the job and the organization, told me to put in an application, and the rest is history.

LR: What has been the highlight of your placement so far?

LW: The best part of my job, hands down, is the connections I’ve made with the students, faculty, staff and community of Ardmore. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive since my first day as a Coordinator and I learn more and more about the people and community I serve each and every day that I am here. I truly feel blessed to have found a job that I am so passionate about and is so spiritually rewarding.

LR: Outside of the classroom, what are some of the activities that you are involved with?

LW: Outside the classroom, I love volunteering and singing with the local church group, running and hiking the Oklahoma trials, and spending time alone with myself. I’ve noticed that during my time here in Oklahoma I have grown significantly as a person. This job as a Coordinator really pushes you to exercise everything you preach about health in all capacities. In the past, my mental health hasn’t been the best. I would often stress over minor details and not take care of my self mentally. Now through prayer, meditation, volunteering, physical activity, and relaxation methods (i.e. manicures, pedicures, and massages etc.) I can not only do my job as a Coordinator efficiently, but I can also be the best version of myself.

LR: What do you plan to pursue after your service to HealthCorps is complete?

LW: After my two years with HealthCorps are complete, I will be attending Cornell University in New York in the fall to continue my education in Nutritional Biochemistry, Health Studies, and Public Health. I hope to obtain my Ph.D in Nutritional Biochemistry and one day open my own health food store and research clinic in under privileged, high risk communities.

LR: What is one thing you have learned from your placement that you will be able to carry with you as you move forward in life?

LW: One thing that I have learned from my position and placement has been to first and foremost seek God in all aspects of my life. In all my ways acknowledge Him and He will direct my path. I’ve seen the hand of God work miraculously in my life, and I feel as though my placement and role as a Coordinator at Ardmore High School was for a particular reason.

We want to thank Lindsey Maurice-Walker for her exceptional work and congratulate her for being this month’s coordinator of the month.

Lindsey Maurice Walker COTM

My first wellness council meeting.










Lindsey Maurice Walker COTM

Lindsey Maurice Walker

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