Coordinator of the Month: Hayley Moretz

Posted 08/13/2013 | By HealthCorps

Name:  Hayley Moretz

Age:  23

Hometown:  Spartanburg, South Carolina

College Attended / Major:  Davidson College / Spanish & Pre-Medicine

HealthCorps School PlacementDesert View High School in Tucson, Arizona

Fun Fact:  I am a registered yoga instructor, and sadly, I’m allergic to watermelon.

Jeffrey Hartinger: How did you become involved with HealthCorps?

Hayley Moretz: A close college friend of mine, Elena Delvac, was a coordinator at the same time that I was frantically soul-searching for what to do upon college graduation. Medical school was in the back of my head, but I wasn’t sure if I was really ready to make that time and money commitment. This opportunity looked like the perfect way to pursue a health-driven job where I could make a very direct impact on the youth in our country.

JH: What has been the highlight of your placement so far?

HM: Mental resilience is the component of the HealthCorps mission I find most profound. Mental health is an area often times ignored, so being able to teach lessons on stress management and positivity has been particularly rewarding. With everything I do in my school, I try to bring positivity and energy to the table.

High school can be an angst-ridden, sometimes traumatic, experience; so the fact that students and staff have noticed that positive energy and responded to it makes me love what I do. I believe that in order to make real change – especially when it comes to eating and exercise habits – you have to feel good and believe in those changes to truly grow and form sustainable healthy habits. I’ve really enjoyed helping the students expand their understanding of themselves, and to learn and listen to what their bodies need.  Plus, how often can you dress up like a tomato and walk around a high school without feeling totally embarrassed?

JH: Outside of the classroom, what are some of the activities that you are involved with?

HM: I love yoga and have really opened up my practice and myself while I’ve been in Tucson. I received my yoga teaching certification and have incorporated yoga into my after-school programming for both students and staff. I run a weekly Yoga Club for students and offer classes dedicated solely to the faculty and staff.

During my first year, we also did a “Muévete/Move Your Body” after-school club wherein the students explored different forms of dance and fitness, including Zumba, Salsa, Bachata, and Capoeira.

JH: What do you plan to pursue after your service to HealthCorps is complete?

HM: I plan to go to graduate school and I am currently looking into a few dual Master’s programs in Public Health and Latin American Studies. Education is so important in our community, especially in terms of health, so I hope to pursue something in that direction.

JH: What is one thing you have learned from your placement that you will be able to carry with you as you move forward in life?

HM: Kindness works wonders. Small gestures of courtesy can make a huge difference in someone’s day. And most people are much more willing to help you if you’ve been nice to them! It’s pretty simple.

However, kindness goes both ways and it is also important to be kind to yourself. If we can’t be honest and kind with ourselves, how are we able to show compassion for anyone else?

We want to thank Hayley Moretz for her exceptional work and congratulate her for being this month’s coordinator of the month.

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