Healthy Bites & Tasty Delights – In Action!

Posted 06/11/2018 | By Delphine Remy

By Delphine Remy

Mental Health Awareness Month is over and we reflect on all the possible ways we can improve our health and the health of our children. Since 1949, Americans have celebrated this event each month of May, reaching millions of people through media, screenings and local events. Each year, the organization, Mental Health America, releases a toolkit of materials to promote whole health wellness.

On the topic of wellness and health, I had the most incredible opportunity last month during my week in NY! As you might know, it was Healthcorps’ 12thAnnual Gala and I was invited to present the new cookbook I produced with Healthcorps, Healthy Bites and Tasty Delights. This was amazing, but the best was my participation in a cooking demo at the High School for Fashion Industries and Design! I was thrilled to finally witness students and their huge smiles while they were discovering the cookbook for the first time. It was one of the best times I have experienced in years. I chose to prepare the spinach smoothie bowl as it didn’t require any cooking and the kids would all get the opportunity to prepare their own.

Healthy Bites Tasty Delights – In Action


Healthy Bites Tasty Delights – In Action

Healthy Bites and Tasty Delights

Being a mother of two teenage boys, it was not difficult to find great inspiration for the recipes. I used most of the recipes the students cook during their HealthCorps cooking clubs, and I added 6 of my own repertoire which I was sure the kids would love. Healthcorps and I have worked so hard to prepare this one-of-a-kind teen video cookbook, and the result was a smashing success!

Here is how it works: Each of the 40 recipes has a specific QR code. You just need to go to the iPhone camera app (or Google Play QR Scanner), scan the code, and the video pops up on YouTube.

Healthy Bites Tasty Delights – In Action

After having prepared their spinach smoothie bowl, they participated in a decorating contest and guess what? They all won! I was amazed by their creations, and I was so happy to see them put their hearts into it. This is my ultimate goal – transmit my love for cooking and make students realize how important it is for their health. Here are some picture of their creations:

Healthy Bites Tasty Delights – In Action

Healthy Bites Tasty Delights – In Action

Learn to make the Spinach Smoothie Bowl yourself here.

My contribution to Mental Health Awareness Month goes far beyond a cookbook and nutrition basics. While nutrition is so important in promoting mental wellness, fitness and mental resilience are as important as nutrition and Healthcorps curriculum is based on these three pillars.

Other ways to promote mental wellness include:

  • Getting 8 hours of sleep
  • Eating healthy! If you want to learn more, check https://delphineremy.com/
  • Developing skills and hobbies and learning something new
  • Managing stress
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