Congratulations to Dr. Michael Oda

Posted 09/14/2016 | By HealthCorps

Congratulations to HealthCorps patron and partner Dr. Michael Oda who was recently lauded in the University of California’s Research Grants Program annual report. Dr. Oda, founder of Seer Biologics, generously gave HealthCorps a stake in his company several years ago. According to the U of C report:

“…Researcher Michael Oda at UCSF Benio Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute discovered that measuring the “functional ability” of HDL molecules to tra c cholesterol is a powerful new biomarker.

‘HDL-C is a poor indicator of cardiovascular risk, and especially gives women a false sense of security as 64% of women who die suddenly from coronary heart disease had no prior warning. Our new method measures HDL function that provides a much more accurate view into the metabolic and cardiovascular health of all patients,’ says Dr. Oda. The test takes a drop of blood and two minutes to measure HDL function. In addition to prognosis, the test will also allow clinicians and patients to monitor outcomes of interventional changes in lifestyle such as nutrition, medication and smoking cessation.”

We are excited for Dr. Oda’s game-changing assay to roll out to the market soon!

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