Companies Who Make a Difference at HealthCorps

Posted 11/29/2012 | By HealthCorps

HealthCorps has some unique sponsors and partners (  We also receive product donations for events and in-class nutrition opportunities from a long list of food companies including:

  • Artisinal Kitchen, home to beautiful and healthy gift baskets, grains, jams and coffees
  • Beanitos, known for their bean-based healthier baked chips
  • Crispy Green, makers of healthy freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks
  • Fabe’s Bakeries, home to baked goods sweetened with fruits, vegetables and grains
  • Food Should Taste Good, home to baked chips and crackers
  • Gnu Foods, home to delicious, high fiber nutrition bars
  • Granola Gourmet, home to healthy energy bars
  • Health Warrior, home to chia bars and seeds
  • Kashi, who has provided significant financial support, as well as product support.  Kashi’s extensive roster of foods includes cereals, nutrition bars, frozen entrees, frozen waffles and more.
  • Kind, makers of the KIND Bars and healthy snacks.
  • LaraBar, makers of LaraBar, Uber LaraBar and Jocolat.
  • NibMor Chocolatemakers of vegan chocolate bars and cocoa.
  • Peanut butter & Cohome of peanut butter spreads and nut snacks.
  • Pop Chips, home to low fat, baked chips
  • Pirate’s Bootyhome to natural, baked snacks
  • Somersault Snackshome to snacks high in protein, fiber and the “good fat.”
  • Two Degreeshome to gluten-free vegan bars
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