When it comes to nuts – raw, roasted, shelled or as a spread?

Posted 04/15/2014 | By HealthCorps

This blog has extolled the virtues of nuts many times. Obviously raw and unprocessed are the healthiest way to prepare them. If you like nuts salted, then an ounce will typically have about 100 mgs of sodium. And if you enjoy them roasted, you will probably find that the extra oil adds about a gram of fat per ounce serving size.

Grind your own nuts at home or at a supermarket and your nut butter will only have…..nuts as the primary ingredient. If you buy already prepared nut butters you will have to read labels to see how much sugar and oil is being added. In many cases, there can be a significant amount of added sugars. Remember also that spreads in general are not as satisfying as a handful of nuts that you munch, crunch, chew and swallow. Also remember that many spreads now have added whole milk, chocolate and other ingredients, which can turn them into candy-like foods.

If you can buy the nuts, unprocessed in the shell, then the added time it takes to open the shell can help to slow you down, as you enjoy a single portion of this very healthy but also high-calorie treat. Typically, a portion of nuts should have about 160 calories.

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