Colleges commit to healthier campuses

Posted 04/04/2014 | By HealthCorps

Some colleges are making a huge effort to offer healthier food in their cafeterias, serving plant-based protein dishes and vegan options, and renting healthier vending machines.  Other colleges have become known for their state-of–the-art gyms, exercise class variety and yoga and meditation studios.

Oklahoma State University has become the most recent college to join the college health movement.  According to a recent press release, the university is on a mission to improve the health of its students, staff and faculty.  Dining rooms, fitness facilities, mental health support are some of the campus areas appreciating the changes.  The university has committed to a mission that promotes physical fitness, healthier eating, emotional well-being, smoking cessation, and to provide help with financial health.

This effort at Oklahoma State University actually began full throttle in 2006, when a new campaign called “Striving to be America’s Healthiest Campus” was established.  The trend for healthier living on campus appears to be here to stay.  HealthCorps is busy working on health and fitness opportunities at high schools campuses nationwide.  It’s reassuring that colleges are also focusing on ways to create healthy on-campus environments.  Parents can help by modeling behaviors like physical activity and fitness, and by getting their kids involved in healthy playtime and sports from a young age.  In fact, a recent UK study suggests that a child’s activity level is directly linked to mom’s physical activity.

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