College Football Players try Mindfulness Training

Posted 11/21/2014 | By HealthCorps

If you follow football avidly, you may know that their pre-game practices can involve a variety of exercise modalities, including ballet.  After all, if you are nimble on your feet you can complete the various kinds of plays in football, many of which involve passing the ball and running with more accuracy to receive the ball or intercept a receiver.  Mindfulness training may now join the list of common techniques that athletes use to improve their performance on the football field.

Phil Jackson, a noted coach in the NBA is credited with introducing this technique to the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers (who are one of our Active Alliance partners).  The Seattle Seahawks 2014 Super Bowl champions used yoga and practiced mindfulness meditation during their successful season.

The Cane Brain Project ( is an innovative project that is investigating the effect of mindfulness training on college football players.  The goal is to see if this kind of training, which is already known to help high stress groups like soldiers, Marines, CEOs and even college students, can help student athletes in their academic and athletic performance.

(Source: IDEA Fitness Journal, October 2014)

-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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