Chili Saves Lives Event A Success In New York City!

Posted 02/19/2013 | By HealthCorps

On January 25th HealthCorps hosted the yearly Chili Saves Lives event, and considering how chilly it was on that wintery day, the 7 teams involved got to warm attendees up with a variety of unique chili recipes. 

Hair of the Dog, a local hangout on the Lower East Side of NYC, graciously allowed HealthCorps to set up the chili competition in a private bar area.  Teams included 5 HealthCorps’ coordinator teams, one HealthCorps’ staff team, and one HealthCorps’ partner team: #Basic (staff), Hail Seitan (Punk Rope, HealthCorps partner), Chili Today Gone Tamale, Currylicious – Oh, So Delicious, Curry Chicks, Hot as Health, and Too Hot to Handle.  There were vegetarian and meat options – so no one was left out.

The event sold about 100 tickets, with a total of 150 attendees, including the team members, and raised over $800.  Those who tasted the various chili recipes voted on their favorite by dropping a bean in a designated beer glass.

Recipe cards were available for all of the chili concoctions, and competing teams shared healthy cooking and ingredient tips with the attendees.

#Basic used beans and extra lean ground beef, garlic, red and green peppers, chipotle and seasonings – so their chili offered a variety of antioxidants, iron, plant and animal protein, while low in saturated fat and calories. First place went to Punk Rope’s Hail Seitan and second place went to Chili Today Gone Tamale with Brooke Ostahowski, Jermyn Addy, Tramayne Favorite, Maddy Godfrey, Annie Denenberg and Austin Cromartie.  Good beer, good chili, good fun was had by all!!

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