CDC Says HIV Hits 1,000 Young Americans Monthly

Posted 01/09/2013 | By HealthCorps

HIV infections are increasing among young people, while rates are declining among older people.  Young people are now “driving the HIVepidemic,” according to an interview with CDC director Thomas Freiden, MD MPH.

Current statistics suggest that every month, 1000 Americans between 13 and 24 years of age become infected with HIV.  HIV is an incurable disease and it can be deadly, unless it is treated with daily costly medications.

Experts suggest that about 60% of young people infected with the virus don’t even know that they harbor the disease.  That means they are also missing an early window of opportunity for treatment.  Early treatments keep the individual from developing full blown AIDs, and they also help minimize the risk of infecting other people.

Testing is crucial to diagnosing HIV and the CDC recommends routine HIV testing, starting at age 13.  Though the CDC is focusing on programs to raise awareness, specifically among younger people, parents, teachers and healthcare professionals need to speak openly about the risk of HIV and the importance of being screened for the disease.

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