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Our Cause Marketing provides an easy way for consumers to support a cause they love, generates awareness and funds for our non-profit’s mission and has the potential to increase sales for your company. Research shows that close to 90% of U.S. consumers are likely to switch to brands associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality


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CarePay is a price comparison tool designed to help patients get better deals for their healthcare. CarePay facilitates information sharing of all kinds, but focuses primarily on standardized healthcare procedures.

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Icebound has announced April 2019 as a Giving Month. A dollar from every bar sold at retail locations with “icebound” mini freezer will be donated to HealthCorps.

Whether it’s through product sales, point of sale activities or many other options, please contact us today to discuss whether a cause marketing program benefiting HealthCorps is a good fit for your company.


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