Capital Region’s Women’s Conference at Sacramento Convention Center A Success

Posted 10/10/2013 | By HealthCorps

No heels required at this conference.  Attendees who came to the Capital Region’s Women’s Conference at the Sacramento Convention Center were told to dress in yoga and active wear, so they could enjoy fitness, yoga and Zumba demonstrations in between key note presentations and panel discussions.  Friday’s gorgeous Sacramento sun was shining as women streamed into the convention hall for a day of education, interactive Google experiences and a special Health and Wealthness game with ten missions.  With over 100 marketplace vendors showcasing products, offering free gifts, on-site massages and beauty makeovers, prizes and food samplings, excitement was high as the day began.

Co-chairs Michelle Bouchard, President of HealthCorps, and Winnie Comstock-Carlson, President and publisher of Comstock’s magazine had promised a day of change during their pre-conference interview at NewsRadio KFBK, Sacramento. The conference’s mission was felt throughout the day as speakers and panelists addressed the health and wealth challenges of time, energy, community, growth and balance.  Discussions were especially focused on ways to improve the current gender divide in the workplace.   Integral to the experience was the new conference model of a real-time social media game, on site connections to tools that were managed by Google, and a range of noted speakers and panelists headlined by Lisa Oz.

With sponsors including the The California Endowment, California Walnut Board, Wells Fargo, Safe Credit Union, Bank of America, Wombo, OrganicGirl, Sutter Health, Commerce Printing, El Dorado Hills Town Center, and Western health Advantage, the event opened with a short address from the Vice Mayor of Sacramento, followed by Roy Spence, co-founder and chairman of GSD&M marketing, communications and advertising company.  Lisa Oz offered pearls of health wisdom and led the attendees in a breathing exercise.  Then it was time for panel sessions, fitness moments and key note speakers throughout the day.

Some take-away messages included:

Lisa Oz – Live what you know and take small, actionable steps to change…. Look at what you do – positive and negative – and ask yourself if the energy provided is giving or taking away…. Cultivate gratitude.

Roy Spence – Hugs are handshakes from the heart…..hugs are a universal language

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey – Are society often tracks the wrong stars (celebrities)…What is that about?  You all are wayfarers, in the position to draw from the past and lead into the future.

Saval Oz – Are you the CFO of your life?

Sessions included: Sow the Seeds of Change, Finding Balance, Harnessing Science and Technology, Stepping into Our Power, Communicating Our Strengths, The New Definitions of Wealth, Restoring Your Relationship with Nature, Are You the CFO of Your Life? Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey, PBS host and National Geographic anthropologist offered a meditative native prayer, helping attendees to explore their past and harness the energy to fuel future change, bringing some of the women to tears as they experienced the power of the prayer.

The conference was also a part of Sacramento’s Farm to Fork Festival, showing the connection between California’s agriculture and women’s health, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.  Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture was one of the featured keynote speakers.  By day’s end, the women left replete with gift bags filled with treats and a wealth of information to fuel personal and professional growth and change.

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