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Sponsored by Comstock’s Magazine and HealthCorps, the Capital Region Women’s Conference (CRWC) will engage more than 2,000 attendees as they address the health and wealth challenges of time, energy, growth, community and balance.  The daylong event will be held on Friday, September 27 at the Sacramento Convention Center.

“The day is a convergence of women who want to be part of a paradigm shift:  in the way women connect; in the way women help themselves, their loved ones and the world; and in the positioning of Northern California as the epicenter of worldwide innovation, not only in technology, but in the integration of technology, health and wealth” said HealthCorps President Michelle Bouchard.

The conference creates a new model with a real-time social media game, connections to tools, resources, and a 24,000 square foot marketplace of wealth and wellness vendors, and stories from leading women, including author and media personality Lisa Oz.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of a conference that is focused on bettering the lives of women by helping them find the tools they need to build and foster better relationships with themselves and others,” said Lisa Oz. “How we interact with friends, family and community affects our health and wealth by influencing our abilities to try new paths, create new connections and explore an ever changing world.”

The CRWC goes beyond the typical conference experience. Through the use of Google+ on their hand held digital devices, participants will engage one another by documenting a series of conference related missions such as: finding a mentor, telling someone a joke or finding an inspirational quote. The conference will also foster the use of new technology tools such as document sharing, Google Hangouts with screen sharing, and social media, to create and improve balance, decrease clutter, and increase connectivity.

“The conference will provide a forum for attendees to further discuss what we can do in our own organizations to recruit, develop and retain talented women and take advantage of the gender dividend,” said Winnie Comstock-Carlson, president & publisher of Comstock’s magazine.

The conference is also part of Sacramento’s Farm to Fork Festival September 27-29 and shows the connection between California agriculture and women’s health, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. A supporter of women’s role in California agriculture, the Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Karen Ross will keynote.

“California Women are at the heart of the farm to fork movement,” said Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. “Almost twenty percent of California’s farmers are women.  Beyond that, women as mothers, community leaders, restaurateurs and philanthropists are leading the way, reminding people that we have a lush abundance of fresh and local foods that are healthy, affordable, and best of all full of flavor.”

Women attending the conference can be assured that they will gain much from the experience and will be able to take with them fresh outlooks and ideas, new technology skills, and connections to a network of women willing to motivate and support attendees as they tackle challenges and continue to build themselves, their businesses and communities.

“The Capital Region Women’s Conference will give women an opportunity to hear from some great voices in the fields of health and wealth, and to see examples of how new tech tools can help them stay connected and motivated to achieve their goals,” said Anna Patterson, Vice President of Engineering at Google.

During breaks attendees can sample and sign up for new services, goods, foods, and experience workouts, massages, obstacle courses, activities, and technologies.

Event sponsors include Organic Girl, The California Endowment, AT&T and The California Walnut Board.

To purchase a ticket or for more information, including a list of panels, speakers and marketplace booths and activities, please visit www.capregionwomen.com.

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