Can you drink a gallon of water a day?

Posted 04/08/2019 | By HealthCorps

By: Blaire Hirt | HealthCorps Coordinator from 2017-2019

The Water Challenge at Palm Beach Lakes Community High turned into a very fierce competition between staff, and even lead to students wanting to participate. But one staff member stood out the most during the challenge: Adella Smith, a science and AVID teacher, who won first place and went above and beyond during the challenge. Adella took this challenge and everything it stood for home with her and started instilling the importance of drinking water with her mother and her one-year-old daughter. I was overwhelmed with joy when she shared that with me. I knew not only was she doing this for the challenge, but to actually make a healthy change for herself and her family.

The benefits of drinking water are well known and include: Clearer skin, better digestion, faster metabolism, and proper organ functioning. Even just drinking one extra glass of water a day could make a difference, which was the point of this challenge. The winner wasn’t the person who drank the most water over the three-week challenge period but who had the most percentage increase from start to finish. I wanted to challenge the staff here to include more water in their daily lives even if the process of adding one extra glass a week was their goal. I was amazed to see how much the staff here drank throughout the day and how much they were able to increase their consumption by the end of the challenge.

Adella really rose to the challenge and drank a gallon of water at the beginning, which was already a huge accomplishment. She challenged herself about a year ago, when her daughter was born, to drink a gallon of water a day to help with breastfeeding and kept that going ever since. We came up with ways to add more water in the morning and at night. By the end of the challenge she was drinking about 184 ounces of water a day! This typically came out to 1 gallon of water, plus 7 extra glasses, each day. When the challenge started, she got a custom-made water jug from me, and by the second week she came back and asked for a water jug for her mother. I was more than willing to give her as many as she wanted. She shared that her mom was doing the challenge too and her adorable little girl Anea got excited with all the water jugs in the house and wanted to be a part of the action. When I asked her how this changed her life, she said, “The water challenge helped me increase my daily water intake and motivated me to eat healthier and exercise more.”

I’m so proud to call Adella a Wellness Champion here at Palm Beach Lakes. She is the true definition of how to be a healthy role model for her students.

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