Can your smartphone habit actually interfere with your exercise effort?

Posted 01/10/2014 | By HealthCorps

You carry your phone around for work and to connect socially all day long, and maybe you even use it as your music source for a workout, or to chart a daily food diary.  But the constant connectivity may actually be undermining your efforts to get in shape.  A recent Kent State University study suggests that individuals who spend more time on smartphones are less physically fit than their counterparts, who use their phones less.

Being constantly connected to your phone, sends a subliminal message that it’s “OK to sit a lot,” since we often sit when we talk or use phone apps.  And if you constantly talk or text while you exercise, your effort will typically be less energetic or focused.  Looking down at your phone all the time can put you at risk for developing a neck ache or chronic neck pain, and prevent you from engaging your core (abdominal) muscles effectively.  You’re also at risk of having an accident on a machine like the treadmill, since you can lose your balance when you answer or talk on the phone, or attempt to send a text message.

Make a commitment to either leave your phone in your gym locker, or put it to good use by listening to some motivational high-energy music while you work out.  No texting allowed!!

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