How can I put together a simple home gym?

Posted 06/27/2014 | By HealthCorps

The key to working out at home is to buy affordable, smart equipment that has many uses and that keeps you engaged and challenged. Start with:

A step, that either has risers (so you can increase the height and the challenge), or the ability to be stacked.  You will use this for step ups, lunges, squats and plié squats (one foot on, one foot off), and it can also be your bench to lie down on for certain chest and arm exercises.

Free weights that you hold in your hands for arm exercises and to add weight to your body when you do certain leg exercises or aerobic exercises. Start with a pair of 3 lb., 5 lb. and 8 lb. if you are a beginner. You can include one 10 lb. weight to hold in both hands for certain plyometric exercises.

A jump rope or you can just jump in place or do jumping jacks.

Resistance bands which come in a variety of tensions and configurations. Make sure to buy ones that come with a guide, so you have a variety of exercise instructions to follow.  You can also find resources for exercise suggestions online.

DVDs or the internet (or TV) can provide unlimited “classes” or instructional sessions for you to follow.

A good pair of workout shoes, that takes into account the different fitness activities you will be doing.  On average, replace workout shoes twice a year.

If you want some additional pieces of equipment, you can also invest in a large stability ball, weighted balls and/or weighted bars, and if your budget allows, one piece of cardiovascular equipment like a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical or rowing machine.

Now have fun!!!

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