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Posted 10/31/2015 | By HealthCorps

Out & About: HCU at Camp

We brought HCU to Camp Pennbrook , an all girls camp serving ages 9-23, in Summer 2013. We worked with the girls to bring in a whole wellness education component to their already strong weight management program. A camp HCU staff person was on site delivering the program designed by the HCU/Camp team.

Testimonial: “HCU brought Camp Pennbrook to the next level by introducing their excellent curriculum to our campers. Through their lessons our campers learned valuable tools and information in order to live a healthy lifestyle and continue their weight loss journey at home.” – Andrea Figueroa, Associate Director, Camp Pennbrook

Testimonial: “It all came together so well, as a result of everyone’s hard work and planning, and it got my student, Unique, really excited to get involved! Afterwards she told me, ‘Before this training, I thought I was interested in planning health events, but now…I’m REALLY interested!’ with a huge smile on her face. I think it was a really good experience for her to be in a room full of vibrant people who care so much about health education.” – Clare Parks, HealthCorps Coordinator, Washington Math Science Technology Public Charter High School, Washington, DC

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