By The Numbers: How HealthCorps Leaves its Mark on Schools

Posted 05/14/2019 | By HealthCorps

By: HealthCorps Coordinator Michael Guadarrama

I have been at my Elementary School for eight months already and the time sure has passed very quickly. I feel fortunate that I am able to be a health advocate for students, parents, and community member in the Phoenix area. In my short time here I have facilitated classroom lessons, been the head coach of a basketball team, and started two HealthCorps clubs.  

I have directly impacted the lives of 150 students via classroom facilitation and two start up after school clubs. I am thankful to have a supporting network of teachers and youth student leaders here at Heard Elementary. Without those two support systems my impact in this school would not be as profound. In my time here I have become most proud of the relationships that I have built with the students.  

Last year I was able to start a Youth Sports and Leadership Club that I am really proud of. I provided an extra opportunity for junior high students to not only participate in various sports but also provided them with leadership responsibilities. They worked on teacher appreciation projects, raised health awareness on campus, and much more. The support and engagement of these 20 students led me to start a second club. My second endeavor at Heard Elementary was to build an army of student volunteers for our upcoming Health Fair on May 22ndI relied on members from last year’s club and used my time in the classrooms to recruit and inform students of a new upcoming Health Fair club. 

My Health Fair club is gratifying because it includes members from my last club but also different grade levels as well. The club consists of 20 members total and is made up of fifth-eighth graders. I know that my principal is proud and excited of what HealthCorps has accomplished. This morning she mentioned in walk bye- that she is excited for the upcoming Health Fair.  

I feel incredibly honored and privileged to live out a passion of mine. It’s really cool to be able to spread that message to people I truly care about! 

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