A book and a movie inspire mental strength

Posted 01/22/2014 | By HealthCorps

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then run to see The Book Thief.  If you prefer to read, then get your hands on the book by Marcus Zusak.  At the core of the story is an especially appropriate theme for the New Year.  A child faced with tremendous hardship, experiences that would daunt the strongest of adults, navigates these challenges with incredible resilience and inner fortitude.

From losing a young brother, to being handed off to a strange new foster family during the early years of Nazi occupation in Germany, the young heroine Liesel endures countless horrors, and is asked to cope with unremitting and harsh circumstances.  Her quiet determination and commitment to loyalty are incredibly inspirational.  Joining her and intertwined in the stories, are other complicated yet appealing characters, to identify with and learn from.

With mental strength as a core aspect of the HealthCorps’ curriculum, this movie is a must see, for young teens and adults.

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