Biggest Loser Diet

Posted 02/24/2012 | By HealthCorps

If you’ve watched the show, then you know the program involves healthy, portion controlled eating, with attention paid to calorie counts as they relate to current weight and goals plus daily exercise. The program was developed by obesity clinicians, RDs and two of the Biggest Loser trainers. The 12 week program focuses on small, frequent meals and features protein and fiber so you feel full while cutting down on calories. They also emphasize cutting “appetite-stimulating foods,” meaning foods that actually make you hungry because they cause radical blood sugar highs followed by a rapid low – foods like white bread, processed foods, white pastas and potatoes.

The expectation is that you will also integrate 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine and work up to an hour of fitness daily. That’s not on par with the show’s exercise mantra, but it is a reasonable goal. If you find motivation a problem, you can also join The Biggest Loser Club for online support, meal plans, recipes and more. You can purchase cookbooks and fitness plans as well.

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