Bicep Curls Four Different Ways

Posted 08/24/2013 | By HealthCorps

It’s one of the most common arm exercises, but there are more ways to curl free weights and build your bicep muscles than just the traditional bend and release option you may be familiar with.

Option #1 – Traditional curl – Let your arms hang straight down in front of your body and holding free weights bring them up till they touch close to the front of your shoulders and then release.  Add a bit of challenge by releasing the weights, very slowly, back to neutral position

Option #2 – Turned out curls – Let your arms hang by your sides, and turn them outward so that your elbows are jutting into your waist area on either side.  Bend and straighten the arms in this position.  If done correctly, your weights will hit the outer aspects of your shoulders when raised.

Option #3 – Elevator curl – Hold your arms in traditional curl position and then bend arms with weights up halfway, so that the weights are parallel to the floor and on the same linear plane as your elbow.  From that starting position move elbows slightly backward and behind your body first, and then swing up slowly towards the ceiling (weight points end just above eye level).  Hold for a second or two in that position, and then release so both elbows come back again, ready for next lift upwards.

Option #4 – Bend free weights up, to the top position of a traditional curl, and bring the inner weight heads together.  This is “starting point.”  From there, letting the inner weight heads touch each other, lift towards ceiling and lower for your repetitions.  When completed, lower to starting position of traditional curl.

Another variation is to simply curl each arm individually.

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