Before You Eat That, Consider……

Posted 04/27/2012 | By HealthCorps

What will the following foods cost you, in terms of calories, and how much exercise will it take to burn it off?

AMC small popcorn, about 6 cups – 410 calories – one hour of moderate intensity aerobic exercise

Starbucks Banana Nut Loaf – 1 slice, 490 calories – 50 minutes of moderately paced swimming

Starbucks Venti Latte with whipped cream that averages 400 calories – 45 to 50 minutes moderate paced jog

Pinkberry yogurt, 370 calories (large) – 60 min moderate pace on the elliptical

Subway Meal about 600 calories – Moderate paced bike ride, 90 min

The moral – No calories in life are free!!

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