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What it Takes to
Become a Coordinator

Coordinators are the heart of HealthCorps. Through the HealthCorps program, the Coordinator becomes a full-time health advocate for their school sites and its surrounding community. Each Coordinator works with an individual school to develop a tailored edition of HealthCorps, ensuring that the needs of the school community are met. Coordinators teach daily classroom lessons based on the HealthCorps Curriculum, organize and facilitate after school programming, provide staff and parent outreach and hold school-wide and community-wide events.

The HealthCorps Coordinator Defined


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WHY be a HealthCorps Coordinator?

HealthCorps Coordinators have the opportunity to make their mark rapidly and in profound ways. You are able to exercise autonomy, freedom to express yourself through lesson facilitation and mentorship, ability to demonstrate your strong personal commitment to mission focused work, and the opportunity to impact students, families and communities. All of which allows you the ability to instill positive change.

*Final interviews will be conducted in the following cities and states: Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY;

HealthCorps is a 501 (c)(3) that gives teens tools to improve physical and mental health so they can learn to live more productive and happier lives. HealthCorps students exercise more, eat better and practice positive thought. Founded in 2003 by Dr. Mehmet Oz, HealthCorps’ mission is to unleash the power of America’s youth so they can live productive lives. Its vision is to impact 20% of all high school students nationwide in order to reduce the footprint of obesity on the next generation. Each day, HealthCorps shapes the lives of the current generation of students.

Each Coordinator works as a full-time employee of HealthCorps at an individual high school for two years as a mentor and guide to creating sustainable wellness change within the school and community. This is done through the development and facilitation of a tailored edition of the HealthCorps Living Labs program; Coordinators connect the school and community like a bridge, ultimately fostering sustainable wellness change. Living Labs programming is a compilation of resources that include, but are not limited to: classroom curriculum facilitation; youth leadership programming facilitation; parent and community outreach; build and leverage community relationships; facilitate community wide-events. The mission of HealthCorps is to implement an innovative in-school model that empowers teens to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Participate in public health research programming, such as completion of a community assessment;
  • Use public health data combined with HealthCorps Resources to create sustainable wellness programming at a high needs high school
  • Tailor and facilitate the HealthCorps’ skills based curriculum (fitness, nutrition, mental strength, and personal health) in high school classrooms throughout the school year;
  • Foster strong relationships with the school and school district personnel including administrators, faculty, cafeteria staff to deliver HealthCorps components; convene and/or engage with the school wellness council
  • Facilitate youth empowerment programming that provides leadership opportunities through HealthCorps programming events and activities at their school site (i.e. health fairs; after school clubs; lunch time demonstrations, and cafeteria demonstrations);
  • Serve as a mentor and role-model to the students;
  • Engage parents and school staff and faculty in HealthCorps messaging;
  • Facilitate Cooking Matters programming during the school year;
  • Establish and direct after-school program(s) during each school semester;
  • Oversee and implement yearly budget;
  • Manage community-based outreach events within school community;
  • Attend and actively participate in initial onboarding and ongoing professional development throughout the year;
  • Participate and assist in the planning of additional regional HealthCorps-related events


  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Passion and knowledge of health, wellness, education, and issues of health disparities (open to all majors)
  • Experience working with youth and communities (previous work in high needs areas preferred)
  • Enthusiasm, energy, and a passion to be a part of HealthCorps’ mission
  • Strong interpersonal skills – ability to build/cultivate personal relationships and relate to people from diverse backgrounds, sectors, and experiences
  • Organized and an ability to multi-task and handle multiple projects at once
  • Proactive, self-starter, and solution seeker
  • Bilingual a plus
  • Openness and willingness to grow professionally and personally
  • Commitment to fulfilling a 2-year placement.


  • 401K
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Full-time Salaried Position
  • Competitive salary and benefits


*Coordinator positions are available nationwide. Salaries are determined based on placement. HealthCorps does not guarantee regional preference will be granted, only considered. Health benefits and Paid Time Off provided. Interviews to be held early in 2018 for positions beginning in June 2018. Interviews are conducted as formal in-person group/one-on-one interviews.

The Application Process

Application instructions: Interested applicants must complete the following.

  • Look for open Coordinator positions on our career page
  • Submit your Resume and Cover Letter through our Workable Portal:

All applicants must answer the following question in less than one page.

● What makes you an exceptional candidate for advocating for health and wellness in a High School setting? Please include specific examples of mentoring, leadership, and health education and youth engagement in your background.

Applications will not be considered without completion of the resume and cover letter.

FAQ Application and Interview Process Questions:

Where can I apply and how do I find out information on the application?

  • All candidates much apply via the HealthCorps website. Please follow us on Social Media to get the most up to date information on jobs at HealthCorps and follow our organization’s progress across the country.

What can I expect after I apply?

  • Applications will be processed on a rolling basis and candidates who are invited to move forward in the process will be notified 1-2 months after submitting their completed application.
  • Please refrain from following up via phone. Due to the high volume of applicants for this position, we will only be in contact if you deem you a fit for this role. We will review all applications and will only contact the applicant if there is a good match.
  • Our interview process involves a phone interview and required in-person interview in the city that you applied under when submitting your initial application and a reference check. There could be changes in this process based on the candidate; for example, we may require more than one phone interview before scheduling an in-person interview.

What are the interview regional options?

You should only select one (1) of the three (3) locations, preferences available:

  1. HealthCorps Coordinator 2018 Interviewing location: NYC
  2. HealthCorps Coordinator 2018 interviewing location: Houston
  3. HealthCorps Coordinator 2018 interviewing location: Los Angeles

Does where I apply affect the city I am placed?

  • No, you should apply based on the city you would most prefer to attend an in-person interview if selected to move forward to the final selection round.

Can I apply for more than one interview location, especially if I don’t mind being placed in other cities?

  • No, you should not apply for more than one interview location. Your preference for interview location has no effect on your possible site placement if offered a Coordinator role.
  • As a part of the final in-person interview you will be granted the opportunity to preference your top sites to be placed as a HealthCorps Coordinator in select cities where we have openings.

Additional Information

  • Coordinators follow HealthCorps’ annual calendar and will still be required to report into HealthCorps even when their school may be on vacation. This includes summer, holidays and scheduled school breaks that do not align with HealthCorps’ holiday schedule.
  • During the summer, Coordinators will work with HealthCorps on a range of activities and initiatives to advance the goals of the broader organization.

Coordinator Testimonials

“Asking questions in a way that shows an interest in collaboration has been crucial in getting meaningful dialogue going on improve the health culture at my school.” – Victoria Lyon

“During my years as a Coordinator, I learned to effectively prioritize responsibilities, develop meaningful internships (for both high school and college students), fundraise with local companies, manage an on-site budget and continue to develop strong interpersonal skills. I was able to build my communication skills, while learning to mentor adolescents and develop a high school health curriculum.” – Emily Grant

“I helped establish an LGBT support group and provide professional mental health services on campus in collaboration with a crisis center. It’s vital to me that students know that they have adult allies everywhere – not just through me.” – Naomi Soto

“I learned that if people want to enjoy life they have to love everything they do, take a chance on something new every day and not be afraid to ask questions.” – Hector Luis Sanchez

“Why I Love HealthCorps” Video Project

Ejiro Ntekume – Coordinator 2015-Present

Natalie Sandoval – Coordinator 2014-2016


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