Banish “Back of the Arm” Flab

Posted 05/31/2013 | By HealthCorps

Part of the key to having a toned body is eating a balanced diet that has the right number of daily calories and exercising.   If you want muscular definition, then you need to add weight training to your fitness regimen.

Women in particular want defined arms, so they can wear sleeveless tops and dresses with confidence, and the back of the arm area can be an especially daunting region of the body to tone.  Triceps dips are one of the most effective exercises for the back of the arm.  And they work effectively for men and women!

Grab a chair and sit on the edge, with your feet hip distance apart, planted out in front of you.  Your knees should be aligned with your ankles.  Slide your hands underneath your bottom, with fingers wrapped over the edge of the chair.  Slide your rear off the chair now, arms straight and supporting your full weight, and adjust your feet a bit more forward so you maintain that right angle, knees over ankles.

Lower your weight, with your elbows bending (towards the back of the chair) and then raise your weight by straightening your arms.  Keep your back close to the edge of the chair as you raise and lower your body.  To add more difficulty you can (a) straighten your legs more, with less of a bend at the knees or (b) raise one leg at a time for a number of repetitions, just keeping your weight on the other foot, as you raise and lower yourself.  Build up to 2 sets of 15 repetitions, before you try the more difficult positions.

Stick with the exercise several times a week for about a month, and your arm jiggle should slowly be replaced with a taut, tight triceps muscle.

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