August 2018: Letter From the President

Posted 08/14/2018 | By HealthCorps

Dear HealthCorps Family,

This year during national Coordinator training in San Bernardino County, CA, Advisory Board member Dr. Mark Goulston delivered an astounding presentation called “Downshift Mental Resilience Training – Save The Life of Your Child Model”.  Along with serving as a hostage negotiator for the FBI, Mark is a crisis psychiatrist and suicide specialist, and he works with the C-suite of some of the largest corporations in America.

At HealthCorps, we make students strong.  Mark talked with our Coordinators about many critical issues of relevance for the mental well-being of young people (and all) such as:

  • The importance of helping ourselves and others regulate impulses that lead to self-destructive behavior.  He gave the Coordinators notebooks in which to note their daily impulses, how those impulses made them feel, what behavior resulted from those feelings and what would be a better thing to do.
  • The importance of giving people hope so they feel less alone. He gave the Coordinators specific empathic questions to utilize with depressed, stressed or anxious young people in order to enable them to better communicate how they feel such as “Tell me more about that adjective you just used”; “What is something nobody understands about you?”; and “What happened to you?”
  • The importance of being and having a mentor.  He asked Coordinators to break into groups and share stories about living or deceased mentors in their lives and their impact.

One of the most compelling things about Mark is his ability to give listeners immediate, practical, relevant skills they can utilize as soon as they walk out of his presentation. Mark’s work is a poetic fit for HealthCorps – as Coordinators across the country are called to share skills with their students, educators, or populations in unconventional settings such as homeless shelters.

Our ability to share relevant skills as well as our ability to constantly adapt to the changing needs of the population we serve is our greatest strength. We are grateful for Board members like Mark who co-create programming with us and who share our purpose and mission.  We are a large and close-knit team.  Thank you for being a part of it by reading this newsletter.



Michelle Bouchard
President, HealthCorps Inc.

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