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The Anthem Blue Cross Foundation partnered with HeathCorps this year (2012/2013) and dramatically impacted eight high schools and thousands of students and their families.  Here’s an overview with some of the details:

Shafter High School – Coordinator: Colleen Luna/Felipe Valencia

526 Mannel Ave, Shafter, CA 93526

The impact on 1,507 Students:

52% Free/Reduced Lunch

Additional program highlights funded by the grant:

Classroom programming: HealthCorps lessons included; Think Before You Drink;

Portion Distortion; The Big Deal about Breakfast; Get Your ZZZs to get Your As; 24 Hour Countdown; Working Out Weekly, What’s Your Motivation, Myths and Misconceptions, Evolution of an Eater, Healthy Relationships, Food Mood Connection, The Brand of You.

Ulysses S. Grant High School – Coordinator: Elena Delvac

13000 Oxnard St., Valley Glen, CA 91401

The impact on 2,307 Students

68% Free/Reduced Lunch

Additional program highlights funded by the grant:

HealthCorps lessons included: Introduction to Reading Nutrition Labels, Macronutrients, Portion Distortion, and Think Before You Drink, Evolution of an Eater,

The Power of Positivity, Challenge: Bring It On, Macronutrients, Critical Consumer, The Will To Chill, Food: Pure to Processed, Go For the Goal, Exercise Everywhere, Digestive Highway, Protein and Vegetarianism, Get Your ZZZs to Get Your As, Alcohol and Drugs.

San Fernando High School – Coordinator: Vanessa Deleon

11133 Omelveny Avenue, San Fernando, CA 91340

The impact on 3,254 Students

81% Free/Reduced Lunch

Additional program highlights funded by the grant:

HealthCorps lessons included: Life is a Highway, Introduction to the Nutrition Label, Macronutrients, Get Your Zs to Get You’re A’s,Th e Big

Deal About Breakfast, Working Out Weekly, Digestive Highway, Food Mood Connection, The Big Deal About Breakfast, Exercise Everywhere, and Bullying Prevention.

Wellness Club: A weekly afterschool club focused on healthy eating, exercise, and mental strength activities. Students learned healthy ways to prepare dinner and sushi, on a budget and at home. They also learned quick and easy exercises they could do anywhere, without any equipment. Club members participated in the Highway to Health Event by running the “Sushi Mania” booth. They prepared sushi for event participants. They also ran a sushi booth for their school’s Health Week event. They volunteered all week during the event and they ran activities including: making sushi and guacamole, creating stress balloons, watercolor painting, planting with recyclable newspaper, sex trivia game, and an obstacle course. Twelve students participated weekly in the club.

Bloomington High School – Coordinator: Jacquilyn Anderson

10750 Laurel Avenue, Bloomington, CA 92316

The impact on 2840 Students

83 % Free/Reduced Lunch

Additional program highlights funded by the grant:

Chef s Club: A weekly afterschool club where students build a relationship with food and become more comfortable in the kitchen. This club aims to teach students: basic culinary skills, nutrition, current food related issues including diabetes, teen obesity, environmental impact of food practices, the benefits of eating fresh food, how to eat healthy on a budget, how to prepare a balanced meal, and how to use the kitchen as a creative outlet. Fifteen students participated weekly in this club.

Zumba Dance Club: A club that the coordinator just started recently on campus, dedicated to physical activity, specifically Zumba dance.  Students come and dance for about an hour. The coordinator includes important information about physical activity during this time. Zumba classes will be offered to staff members next semester. Five students participated weekly.

Staff_Cooking Class: Open to all staff members and teachers at school. The coordinator

hosts a staff cooking class once a month to offer staff and faculty a way to de-stress, reconnect with each other, brush up on their culinary skills and learn about nutrition in a fun way. Six staff members participated regularly.

San Bernardino High School – Coordinator: Cameron Kinslow

1850 N E St., San Bernardino, CA 92405

The impact on 2456 Students

81% Free/Reduced Lunch

Additional program highlights funded by the grant:

HealthCorps lessons covered include: Macronutrients, Portion Distortion, Think Before You Drink, Get your ZZZs to get your AAAs, Big Deal About Breakfast, Working Out Weekly, 24 Hour Countdown: Scheduling.

Cafeteria Sessions: At least 150 students were impacted by this programming on a

monthly basis, or 7.9% of the 1,950 student population. Cafeteria demonstrations are

held during lunch. Sessions have included: Rice Cake Walk, Giving Thanks & Finding

Inspiration, Fitness Fruit Stand, Breakfast Breakdown and Finals snack time.

Mentoring Sessions: On average, 10 students reached out on a weekly basis, on topics ranging from vegan meal options to college applications.

Mentoring Highlights:

Many students who dedicated to a staff-student pedometer walking competition, have been motivated to frequently check in during office hours and track their steps daily.

San Lorenzo High School – Coordinator: Alexandra Zeno

50 East Lewelling Blvd San Lorenzo, CA

1,000 Students

44% Free/Reduced Lunch

Additional program highlights funded by the grant:

Wellness Council: The Wellness Council continued to meet each quarter, with the principal, a District child nutrition specialist, staff members, and students as participants.  The Wellness Council has continued to make progress towards its goals stated in the Action Plan. Staff members and students took on more projects to work on in between meetings. Several of the goals revolve around the new cafeteria re-opening, and collaboration with the School District nutrition staff.  Five students and four staff members participated.

Wellness Council Highlight: HealthCorps created a school wellness policy that will be in next year’s edition of the School Handbook.

Hayward High School – Coordinator: Rose Marie Borillo

1633 East Ave Hayward, CA 94541

The impact on 1,694 Students

44% Free/Reduced Lunch

Additional program highlights funded by the grant:

Classroom Programming: HealthCorps lessons covered throughout the school year

include: The Brand of You, Stress Strategies, Magical Foods, Digestive Highway, Organ

Trail, Get your ZZZ’s to get your A’s, Evolution of an Eater and Nutrition Labels Lesson.

School Health Fair: At least 500 students attended this school-wide event. There were

11 booths set up at this first annual event. Students came up with their own booth ideas addressing sexual health, alcohol and drugs, and gang truths. Booths from the Health-

Corps curriculum included a fitness competition, sugar in drinks comparison, thankfulness demonstration, herb planting, and fitness for fruits. The community organizations that attended included the district nurses addressing heart health, and a local in-school clinic administering surveys and advertising their services for the students. Many of the student volunteers are using this experience for their service learning project in their health class, or as service and extracurricular hours for their small learning community classes. Health fair attendees included students from all grades, staff from all levels, and some members of the district and county communities.

Hay Day: This is a club fair event in which HealthCorps participated, with a

Smoothie Booth. The contents of the smoothie consisted of pineapples, mangoes,

strawberries, bananas, orange juice, low-fat plain yogurt, and spinach. Approximately

175 students and staff tasted the smoothie.

Love Thy Neighbor Mexico Presentation: The coordinator invites a speaker from a

local, non-profit organization, to talk about the issues that revolve around drugs, and

the challenges that families affected by the wars in Mexico, face. Over 700 students and staff attended the presentation.

Tennyson High School – Coordinator: Caily McElhinney

27035 Whitman St Hayward, CA 94544

The impact on 1,319 Students

55% Free/Reduced Lunch

Additional program highlights funded by the grant:

Zumba: A weekly afterschool club where students learn how to Zumba and the importance of exercise. Through this weekly class, students have become more comfortable with one another through icebreaker activities, learned the importance of setting goals, embraced breathing techniques to help manage stress, learned why sleeping is important to your health, and how to eat properly before and after a workout. Ten students participated weekly.

Teen Battle Chef: This HealthCorps cooking program is taught at Tennyson in collaboration with Project EAT, where students learn how to cook, while also learning

life lessons that relate to food, i.e. how to make cooking and eating a family activity, the importance of nutrition, the importance of food presentation, and how culture affects food. Ten students participated weekly.

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