Anderson New Tech High School is #1 in Shasta Bike Challenge!

Posted 05/15/2015 | By HealthCorps

May is National Bike Month! And to help highlight the many benefits of bicycling, Natalie Sandoval, HealthCorps Coordinator at Anderson New Technology High School in Anderson, CA is getting her staff and students involved in the Shasta Bike Challenge.  This year is an exciting year for the countywide challenge because, for the first time, it merged with The National Bike Challenge — a nationwide event that unites bicyclists (novice to advanced) at the local, state and national levels.  With the merge, Anderson is now not only biking to beat 4 other participating schools in Shasta County, but also 159 other participating schools from across the country.  So far 20 students and staff are active in the challenge and to date Anderson ranks #1 in Shasta County and #4 in the country!

“I got my bike fixed in perfect time,” said 9th grade Anderson student, Nick.  “My mom’s car started to break down, so I had to ride my bike to school. It definitely wakes me up in the morning. It’s almost like my cup of coffee. I feel more productive in my classes, too, because I’m more awake, instead of groggy and still half asleep. My mom’s car is fixed now, but I’m liking biking. After a while it became second hand. I bike with friends, too, and now I’m actually encouraging them sometimes to ride with me.”

From May 1-17 participants will log the miles they ride on their bikes, and whichever Shasta County school has the most miles at the end of the event will win.  Miles can be logged manually or through smartphone apps Strava, Endomondo Sports Tracker, MapMyRide, or Moves, which automatically track and sync miles to the National Bike Challenge website.

“Our goal was to reach 1,000 miles together before school got out for the summer,” said Coordinator Natalie, which they’ve already achieved and surpassed.  To date, the team has biked 1,056 miles together.  Mr. Orellana, a math teacher at Anderson, has ridden 210.7 miles since May 1st.  He and Natalie bike 8.2 miles to school every day, but J has recently expanded the ride 3 more miles as an additional challenge.

In biking 1,056 miles together so far, Anderson New Technology High School has burned a total of 57,265 calories, saved $259, as well as limited 413 pounds of CO2 from being used.  But the positive benefits don’t stop there: “My sleep habits are so much better,” says Nick.  “I am usually restless when I lay down to go to sleep, and would wake up in the middle of the night. Now I actually feel like I did something during the day, and am falling asleep earlier, around 10:00 instead of 11/12. I’m also drinking a lot more water. I feel like I can keep more energy because of it. I’ve also lost some weight!”  Mr. Orellana also said, “I generally find that I’m more awake after my ride and ready to start the day.”

Great work Anderson and good luck in the rest of the challenge!

Keep up with Anderson and track their progress here.

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