Amazing App Addresses Hunger-Obesity Paradox

Posted 02/25/2015 | By HealthCorps

Current statistics suggest 78.6 million US adults are obese.  In the US it’s also estimated that 49 million people suffer with food insecurity, which means they eat smaller meals, often going hungry.  Unfortunately, almost one third of individuals who experience food insecurity are children.  How can we address both problems in a positive way?  A new app called Foodtweeks will do just that.

Use the app to find easy ways to trim calories from foods you regularly eat.  Then every calorie you subtract from your daily intake will literally become a nutritious calorie for someone who suffers with hunger.  So if you love pizza with pepperoni, the app may instruct you to choose thin slice, vegetables and go light with cheese.  The calories you save will fuel a donation to a local food bank in the form of nutritious foods.  Here’s to harnessing the power of a diet to replenish the diet of someone hungry.

Check out the Foodtweeks app for more information

(Source: IDEA Fitness Journal January 2015)

-Amy Hendel, PA/HealthCoach

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