Alumni Reflection: Janelle Petak

Posted 06/15/2016 | By HealthCorps

Janelle Petak served at Tampa Bay Technical High School from July 2010 to June 2012

“I completed my HealthCorps commitment in 2012 in Tampa, FL. Immediately after, I worked for an additional two years as an academic adviser for graduate students at a university in Florida. Helping graduate students pursue their educational goals allowed me to examine my own career path and consider additional academic degrees. I was fortunate to be accepted into the Masters of Public Health Program at Emory University in 2014.

My experience as a HealthCorps Coordinator built a foundation for me that truly aligned well with the knowledge I gained in graduate school and allowed me to have a better understanding of the socio-contextual factors that play a role in a population’s health. Living in Atlanta also provided numerous opportunities to gain exposure into other areas of public health. While in graduate school, I worked on a number of initiatives including public health policy, program development, research, and quality improvement in a clinical setting.

I recently graduated from the MPH program in May 2016 and have relocated to New Orleans. I really enjoy evaluating systems of care and improving the efficiency of the healthcare we deliver. I am hoping to work at one of the New Orleans hospitals in the areas of quality/process improvement. I definitely feel that HealthCorps was the launching pad for my career and confirmed my interest to work in public health.”

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