Alumni Highlights: Tamara Bockow Kaplan

Posted 02/05/2018 | By HealthCorps

Alumni  : Tamara Bockow Kaplan

I was a coordinator in the second year of HealthCorps – the summer of 2008!  Now, I’m an associate neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and an Instructor at Harvard Medical School. I have continued my love of teaching with medical students.   Most importantly, I teach the course called “The Practice of Medicine,” and teach students how to talk to patients.

Also, I still keep in very close contact with two of my HealthCorps students from the high school I worked at, the Grand Street Campus in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  I have served as a mentor, to one of my students, Joanna, since she was 17. She’s now an adult with a family of her own, but she still always seeks my advice. As I always tell her, I learn so much more from her than I could ever teach or advise!  I am so grateful for my HealthCorps experience. It truly changed my life.

Now, I have a 6 month old daughter (almost 7 months) and I’m working on trying to feed her in the healthiest way to start good habits early.

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