Alumni Highlights: Jornae Rideaux

Posted 02/01/2018 | By HealthCorps

Currently using her “wellness council” skills, Jornae works for Harris County Public Health making recommendations for the city’s infrastructure to improve health outcomes through proper planning. Due to the impact from Hurricane Harvey, her team conducted a rapid Health Impact Review for the city on the Banana Bend area including roads; water and sewage service; power and building structures; and, potential environmental exposures, such as mold and bacteria. Her team is also working on a Safe Routes to School project for Pasadena, TX, the second largest city located within Harris County, where most youth have no bus service. As if those aren’t enough projects, Jornae is currently developing a healthy building checklist for the County’s Engineering department.

Jornae also runs her own business, www.producemilk.com, manufacturing and serving almond milk through local delivery. Known as “the milk lady,” she partners with businesses and medical professionals in Houston’s Third Ward. With her business slogan, “Small steps produce results,” she aims to expand her products and outreach through farmers markets, pop up shops, and food demos. Her work led to her own change: a fully plant-based diet and she feels great. Just like she did with HealthCorps’ Café O’Yea, Jornae is introducing people to big ideas and new outcomes.

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