“Almost Depressed”

Posted 07/30/2014 | By HealthCorps

There’s a new concept being talked about in the world of psychology. Similar to the pre-diabetes or pre-hypertension state, experts now believe that there may indeed be a number of individuals on the cusp of depression. It’s often described by patients as a “vague, uncomfortable, dark feeling,” and similar to the other “pre” conditions, you can pull back from the brink, so that you don’t move into full-fledged depression. How do you minimize what you are feeling so it doesn’t progress to full-fledged depression?

  • Add more physical activity to your day
  • Promote important values that help you connect with life in a meaningful way
  • Set aside creative time daily, so you release emotions through positive hobbies like art

You can actually take a self-test that involves answering several questions, to see if you are almost depressed:

  1. Do you get more upset over little details that wouldn’t have bothered you in the past?
  2. Do you have fun with friends, or avoid them?
  3. Do you have trouble sleeping lately?
  4. Do you want to “stop life” and take a sudden break?
  5. Is life no longer interesting, exciting, funny?
  6. Do you get irritated easily?
  7. Do you want to be mostly alone?
  8. Do you feel tired for no reason?
  9. Do you have trouble focusing on books, TV, the news?

Answering yes, to one or more of these questions may indicate almost depression.  Always check with your doctor if you have any health concerns.

(Source: Bottom Line Health, Are You Almost Depressed?  Interview with Dr. Jefferson Prince M.D., Director of Child Psychology, Mass. General Hospital, Salem, Massachusetts)

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