Active Alliance + Sacramento Kings + American Legion Breakfast Program = Healthier, inspired teens

Posted 05/01/2014 | By HealthCorps

One of the most innovative and successful HealthCorps programs, piloted by coordinator Tyler Mars, is the American Legion Breakfast Program. This student-run breakfast program allows teens to cook healthy food, influence menu choices, earn class credit and start the day with a healthy meal.

Recently the Active Alliance joined forces with the Sacramento Kings’ mascot, Slamson, and point guard Ray McCallum to make one school breakfast morning even more special. Slamson served the nutritious breakfast to the students, and helped inspire the post-breakfast clean up. McCallum toured American Legion High School and then talked about the importance of the first meal of the day, especially to athletes. Then came the best surprise of all – McCallum played hoops with the students!! For more on this and other Active Alliance stories and events, click here.

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