The Active Alliance Ambassador Pedometer Competition Final Results

Posted 05/15/2015 | By HealthCorps

Students participating in this year’s Active Alliance Ambassador Pedometer Competition really stepped it up!  For 2 weeks, participating students wore their Omron Pedometers, which tracked how many steps they walked, ran, or danced during each day.  HealthCorps schools from the Southwest Region competed from March 16-27, while HealthCorps schools in Northwest Region competed from April 13-24.

Cabrillo High School in Long Beach, CA, won the Southwest Region’s Pedometer Competition.  The school had 52 student participants who stepped an impressive, grand total of 1,846,696 steps (or 2,075 miles).  That’s 142,000 total steps/person or 10,143 daily steps/person!  Congratulations to Coordinator Jacquelene Falch and her students at Cabrillo for the big win!

Health Professions High School in Sacramento, CA, won the Northwest Region’s Pedometer Challenge with a whopping total of 134,143 steps.  Martin Ortiz was the highest stepping student at Health Professions with a total of 186,000 total steps.  But the highest stepping student in the NW region was Sarah Ashraf, from Hiram Johnson in Sacramento, CA, with a total of 251,133 steps!  The region had 67 student participants that walked a total of 5,834,151 steps, averaging. Great work Coordinator Victoria Lyon and the students at Health Professions High School!

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